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Too efficient?

Having a keen interest in car design I’ve long been interested in the effect the search for aerodynamic efficiency has had on their appearance. In the post war years cars were styled by designers who didn’t have the benefit of wind tunnels to help them see how their cars actually behaved at high speed, so […]

In the Dock…

Almost every time I see someone using a Mac, the Dock is usually set at the bottom of the page and the icons are almost always HUGE. The Dock has been around so long it’s something I hardly ever think about but it’s very configurable and can be fine tuned in loads of ways. You can […]

The importance of good typography

Everything that Benjamin Bannister says here is bang on. I thought the same the second I saw the card being shown to the camera. As usual the organisation itself feels that it must take top billing so the Oscars brand is the first thing the reader sees and is the biggest thing on the page. Why? […]

Is there a future in UK heavy industry?

Just heard a discussion on Radio Scotland regarding the sad closure of the steel plants in Motherwell and Cambuslang. An American from the University of Strathclyde made the point that these industries are dead and we should let them close, leaving them to the Chinese and Indians. This is crazy. As a country we need […]

New website for Gift Voucher Solutions

Gift Voucher Solutions offer restaurants and hotels a simple and commission free way to sell gift vouchers to their customers directly on their website. The system is easy to install and users get the money into their accounts instantly without paying commission. As well as building the website, JMD developed new branding which has been taken through to […]

Phone and laptop battery myths explained

What to know more about how to take care of your phone and laptop batteries? Interesting story on lifehacker about modern battery technology. It’s good to know that leaving your phone charging overnight isn’t (contrary to popular opinion) doing it any damage.  

What’s best: Windows 10 or Apple OS X El Capitan?

Apple and Microsoft both have fresh new operating systems to plug and the age old question of what’s best rears it’s head again. Here are a couple of reviews taken from both sides of the divide: MacWorld Review Windows Central Review Unsurprisingly, longtime Mac and PC users have their favourites (as can be read on […]