City Merchant Restaurant Glasgow


JMD has just built a new website for the Glasgow restaurant City Merchant.

City Merchant offers a delicious range of classic dishes with what they call a ‘Scottish twist’. The food really is delicious and I would recommend City Merchant to anyone who loves great food.

The staff are brilliant too and there’s surely something on the menu to suit every palate.

Have a look at the website for yourself.

iOS 9 Ad Blockers

If like me you’re an iPhone/iPad user and are sick of being tracked by advertisers when you’re browsing, the upcoming iOS 9 update should be just the thing for you.

Apple will introduce a feature in the upcoming iOS 9 update that could dramatically cut down the amount of adverts and tracking code that gets downloaded when you visit many websites.

You’ll have seen before yourself. You search Google for something like a wardrobe and the next thing you know just about every website you visit has wardrobe ads appearing everywhere.

It’s really annoying but it’s also costing you money. The tracking code that gets downloaded when you visit these sites uses up a LOT of your data allowance. In many cases the tracking data is two or three times the size of the actual webpage. This can hugely slow down the page loading time, make the page a lot more prone to becoming unstable or crashing and it uses up a lot of your mobile data allowance.

It will be interesting to see how publishers will react to this too as advertising is more or less the only source of income most of them generate.
Will we see access being limited to those not running Ad Blocking software or will the publishers be forced to stop injecting so much tracking crap into their pages?

Who knows but it will interesting to see how this develops.

Concrete Garages Scotland

concrete-garagesNew website just built for Concrete Garages Scotland in East Kilbride. They are Scotland’s largest provider of versatile concrete garages. and operate throughout the whole of the country, highlands and islands included.

During the development of the website I got to know a fair bit about these buildings and I have to say I’m really impressed at the value and quality on offer. Of course I would say that (!) but if you are interested in this sort of thing I would definitely check them out (lovely East Kilbride showroom too).

Have a look at the website if you’ve got a minute.

Do you have a pair of UGG Boots that have seen better days?


Scottish Drycleaning specialists William Munro, based in East Kilbride, are celebrating their 150 year anniversary this year. As one of Scotland’s premier names in the industry they are renowned as being innovators in dry-cleaning.

They have developed a unique system for cleaning UGG boots without damaging them, the only such system in the UK.

JMD has built a website that allows them to offer a UK wide UGG Boot delivery service. Simply sign up, pay and they’ll send you a delivery bag or box to put your boots in, post them and a few days later your boots are back almost as good as new!

VIP Fleet Clean

vipI’ve just built a website for VIP Fleet Clean who are based in Bellshill, Lanarkshire.

VIP are specialists in the cleaning of commercial vehicle fleets such as lorries and vans. They clean and valet company car fleets all over central Scotland and offer domestic car valeting too (they come to you).

I can personally vouch for the quality of their work, they did a terrific job on my own car. See their website here.

Welcome to the new JMD website

The old JMD website was well out of date but with so many pressing deadlines it was always a struggle to get something ready to replace it. Thankfully the updated site is here now.

Have a look around. Hopefully you’ll find out a bit more about what JMD could do for your business. I cover the whole of central Scotland but regularly work with companies further afield.

If you want to have a quick chat about a project you have in mind contact me anytime on 01698 260359 or fill out the form and I’ll get right back to you.