What’s best: Windows 10 or Apple OS X El Capitan?

Apple and Microsoft both have fresh new operating systems to plug and the age old question of what’s best rears it’s head again. Here are a couple of reviews taken from both sides of the divide:
MacWorld Review
Windows Central Review

Unsurprisingly, longtime Mac and PC users have their favourites (as can be read on the reviews above) and now that I’ve tested both I’m still firmly in the Mac camp.

Windows 10 does look like a great upgrade but my Windows 10 installation has ground my laptop almost to a halt and needs to be reinstalled which is never a good sign. However the reason I got to thinking of this was dealing with a customer today who was using Windows 8.

Talking over the phone I asked him to go to his website webmail. It’s just a simple matter of typing /webmail at the end of your website address in the address bar at the top of your browser and should take no more than two seconds.

However Microsoft in its wisdom has chosen to hide the address bar for some inexcusable reason. The chap I was talking to was not particularly technically minded and what followed was an incredibly frustrating episode which should have never happened (there’s no easy way to get round this as something like a webmail entry page is not indexed by Google so you can’t just type it into a Google search). Why hide the address bar in a browser? Why?

Until Microsoft stops doing really dumb stuff like this I don’t think any fair minded person who has used both platforms can really say they are ahead of Apple for most people.

El Capitan is a solid upgrade. It looks pretty much the same but there are useful tweaks everywhere. It seems to be a bit snappier too which is always welcome. I can’t see me ditching the Mac for my main workstation any time soon.