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Why work with JMD?

JMD delivers effective creative marketing solutions. Looking for a website, brochure or a new brand for your company? You don't have to go to an expensive design agency to get a great result.

With over 20 years of experience in the creative industry, I’ve worked on all kinds of print and online projects for a huge variety of clients.

I produce forward-thinking solutions that help you connect with new customers. Solutions that are driven by strategic thinking that identifies the correct audience for your business. Effective messaging that helps to drive your company forward.

I perform in-depth research on your target audience. We set goals for the project. I create content that will engage your target audience. I develop a design that’s eye-catching and memorable. If you’re happy I then build the website around it.

This design can then be carried through to your print work, social media and advertising. We present a coordinated message across all platforms.

Maximise your return on investment

As a freelance designer, I have no sales staff, no office staff and no expensive city centre office to pay for. I work from a well-equipped home studio and have low overheads. This means I can pass real cost savings on to clients. They can target their customers with creative, well-researched, cost-effective marketing solutions.

You deal directly with the designer so nothing gets lost in translation. Nothing is ever delegated to a junior staff member. I get to know your company and what you’re trying to achieve in the most effective manner possible.

Unlike with some design companies, no cheap templates are ever used. All websites are unique and are custom-designed to maximise the impact of your message. They are designed to work on desktop and mobile devices, work quickly and reliably and ensure an excellent return on your investment.

Increasing costs

Inflation is soaring and the cost of just about everything is rising at an unprecedented rate. Understandably, businesses need to reduce costs wherever they can. John McLaughlin Design can help.

When compared to a large design agency, JMD can deliver similar quality and levels of effectiveness for a much lower price. Considerably lower in many cases. No compromises. Advanced solutions built on rock-solid foundations. Well-targeted creative design that gets your message to the right people. Excellent personal service and proper support going forward. You cut the costs, not the quality or the effectiveness.

You're in control

Every website delivered by JMD includes an easy-to-learn content management system. If you can use a standard word processor you’ll be able to update your website yourself. Logging in to an simple to use Dashboard, you’ll be able to add pages, blog posts or products in only a few minutes. You can edit existing text in an instant. Adding images is a doddle. Over time you can build your site to be as large as you want. There’s no limit and no additional cost.

Imagine you want to add a new page for a new service you are offering to your clients. As part of the build, I’ll design standard template pages that you can easily add yourself. Simply add the page, name it and change the text from the placeholder text. You can add an image or two and you’ve just added a great-looking page to describe and promote your new service.

Easy to deal with

You’ll find that I’m friendly, reliable and easy to work with. I like to be honest and straightforward. I never try to bamboozle clients with technical jargon and never promise results that I know will be impossible to achieve. I can’t guarantee to get you on the first page of Google. Beware of anyone who does. I can guarantee that your website, brochure or presentation will be built professionally and to the highest standard. 

I’m respectful and always listen carefully to what you want to achieve, and try my absolute best to deliver that outcome. 

What about Google?

I know how to make your site work well on Google and Bing. I can write search engine-friendly text that’s interesting and readable by people as well as search engines. All websites built by JMD are search engine friendly, regardless of the client’s budget. Ongoing search engine optimisation can be carried out if required. I keep up to date with the latest technology, design theory, business and marketing developments. I use the latest industry-standard design software and computer hardware. All data is backed up off-site using completely secure, state-of-the-art backup facilities.

Free consultation

I offer a free no-obligation consultation. I’ll listen to what you’re trying to achieve. If we’re on the same wavelength I’ll draw up a design to get the ball rolling and give you a good idea of how I would tackle your project.

If you like the work we can develop it further and if you don’t like it I’m happy to walk away at no charge to you. 

What have you got to lose?

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